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Primary Care

What Is Primary Care?

What Is Primary Care?

Primary care is a professional medical responsibility carried out by primary care physicians to provide accessible, integrated health care services. Primary care is provided by a team of health care professionals who serve various personal health care needs in a community or family context. This type of health care is personalized, team-oriented, and community-based to achieve quality, sustainable, and affordable medical needs. North Hills primary care is managed and conducted by a doctor who usually works with other health care experts. When necessary, they consult with specialists and sometimes refer patients to them. Primary care at North Hills offers patients a wide variety of health care services that are often done professionally and cost-effectively. Primary care services in North Hills medical clinic encourage families and patients to be health care partners by promoting effective communication.

Why Is Primary Care Necessary?

Several lifestyle changes take place as a person grows older. This means their healthcare needs and goals also change. What makes primary care physicians important is how they walk with patients in their health journey. By doing so, they are better placed to understand the healthcare needs of patients about ongoing changes. Primary care physicians can detect underlying health issues during routine checkups, making it earlier to mitigate them. The patient's temperature, blood pressure, and chronic conditions are evaluated on each regular visit by a primary care physician in North Hills.

Once their results come out, they are cross-checked with the previous results to gauge the patient's current health status. The complete medical history of patients and the established doctor-patient relationship provides long-term primary care in North Hills. Suppose the patient experiences a sudden change in blood count. In that case, weight gain or loss, or any other health changes that feel odd, the primary care doctor will check and offer proper solutions faster than seeking medical care from any random general practitioner. Seeking regular health care services from North Hills primary care physicians grants you quality and reliable health care plans.

Why Is Primary Care Necessary?
Who Makes An Ideal Primary Care Practitioner?

Who Makes An Ideal Primary Care Practitioner?

Primary care providers consist of several healthcare professionals. Below are some of the primary care providers that you may find in your area:

Family medicine physicians

Also known as family doctors, these healthcare professionals undergo specialized training to offer prevention, diagnostic, and treatment services to patients of all ages – from babies to the elderly. They are equipped with enough medical expertise to diagnose diseases, administer vaccines, perform minor surgeries, and more.


Internal medicine doctors are a group of healthcare professionals responsible for providing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions that affect adults. They are not well trained to offer health care services to children.


Pediatricians are professionally trained doctors responsible for offering health care services such as prevention, treatment, and disease diagnosis in children between the ages of one day to 21 years. They include infants, children, and teenagers.


Geriatricians are doctors who have gone through special medical training to handle health care cases and conditions that affect people who have reached 65 years and above. They can offer particular age-related health solutions or medical care that caters to multiple health issues.

Obstetricians and gynecologists

Doctors trained explicitly to offer consultative, preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services to women are known as obstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYN). They specialize in women's reproductive health, including pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause medical issues.

Nurse practitioners

Nurses are medical professionals who have received special medical training to cater to various medical conditions. They are often called clinical nurses, and their responsibilities include preventing, diagnosing, and treating various illnesses and injuries. They can also prescribe medication, create treatment plans, and help patients manage their care to allow them to recover quickly. They don't need to be managed by doctors and can practice independently.

Physician assistants

This group of medical professionals is responsible for assisting physicians in treating, diagnosing, and preventing various medical conditions in patients of all ages. Nowadays, physician assistants have become just as important as primary care practitioners because they are also capable of providing similar care services provided by doctors. However, they must continually work under the control of physicians. They require the doctor's approval when prescribing medication.

What Types Of Services Does Primary Care Provide?

A primary care practitioner has undergone special medical training to perform various health care services such as diagnostic, preventative, and treatment. Below are some of the health care services that you may obtain from a primary care provider:

  • Diabetes screening
  • Immunizations
  • Medical prescription
  • Cancer screening
  • Birth control services
  • Wound care
  • Ultrasounds
  • Cardiovascular health screenings
  • Health care counseling
  • Casting, splinting and bracing
  • Suturing wounds and performing minor surgical procedures

Typically known as a general practitioner, the primary care physician at North Hills is the most common medical professional with a clear and in-depth knowledge of a patient's health condition. Most primary care in North hills is best suited for particular population size. They are more conversant with these individuals' health and medical conditions. Since a non-primary care physician does not have the same expertise as a physician specializing in a specific medical field, they don't offer the same level of comprehensive and continuing care. Practitioners of Non-physician primary care in North Hills provide health care services such as lifestyle adjustments for cardiac and diabetic patients and dietary. However, they are at their best when they are part of the primary healthcare team.

How To Get Primary Care?

Several insurance providers usually have a list of primary care physicians stored in their systems. You may save a good amount of money when selecting a doctor from your plan's network. However, this will be determined by the kind of health care plan you have chosen to go with.

Another way to find a reputable primary care provider is by asking your coworker, friend, neighbor, or family to recommend a primary care provider for you. Online reviews can get more information about a particular primary care provider. Here, you will find details such as the provider's policies, communication style, and personality. If you think that you have landed upon an excellent primary care provider that meets your needs, make an appointment to meet face-to-face to gauge whether you will be able to work together. Remember, you can always switch to another primary care provider if you feel your current one is not up to the task. You may go with a different provider or one who provides similar health care services to your previous provider. Another way is to explore the various available options for you from other healthcare providers or community clinics.

How To Get Primary Care?

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Why Visit A North Hills Urgent Clinic For Primary Care?

You may decide to seek health care services from urgent care centers because of the various benefits compared to emergency rooms in hospitals. Among the many reasons is that urgent care centers offer various health and medical care services. These types of health care facilities provide medical care services that are time-sensitive. Although they handle minor medical issues, they do it swiftly, without having patients wait for long hours. Emergency rooms don't have much to offer since they only cater to life-threatening medical cases. There is no need to go to ERs who provide their services expensively and at a snail's pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the health care services that you can get from primary care include disease prevention, counseling, health maintenance, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. These care services are offered in various health care settings that include telehealth, long-term care, critical care, home care, inpatient, office, and more.

Primary care providers have the professional medical expertise to offer care services such as prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in a patient's lifespan. Care services provided at Primary care services in North Hills include management of long-term medical conditions, cancer screening, diabetes screening, and diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries.

A primary care provider or North Hills primary care physician is a health care professional involved in the general practice of medicine. Our first stop to medicine is PCP which usually consists of doctors. You can sometimes call your physician assistant or nurse practitioner a PCP. It is typical for a PCP to treat medical conditions in their office.

Once you are in the facility, your primary care physician will check your blood pressure, height, and weight. He will then listen to your heart rhythm and lungs to ensure that your vitals are functioning normally. You will explain to your doctor any alarming changes in your health. You will also inform him of any medication you are currently using.

Primary care offers a basic healthcare level. This means that your PCP will help you access various healthcare conditions, including prevention, maintenance, and diagnostic services. This type of medical care also helps connect patients to specialists who can give them specialized treatment based on their medical or health care. You can always access primary care through routine checkups. Emergency care caters to patients and health cases that are life-threatening. No appointments are required to access emergency care.

Primary care residencies are usually academic-based and don't care about incentivizing their careers in primary care. The kind of health care system used in residency care is usually hospital-oriented. They don't focus so much on outpatient training.

Family Medicine physicians and Primary Care physicians are highly trained to cater to various medical care cases, including cases that involve ERs. They are mainly utilized in rural areas where there is a misrepresentation of Medicine physicians.

A survey done this week reveals that primary care right now is quite stressful due to the new normal where providers lack personal protective equipment and other essential materials to be in the frontline to combat various health conditions, including COVID-19. Many of them either end in isolation wards or quarantine. This shows the level of risk that they have to go through to offer health care services.

Going for routine checkups is very important because doctors can help you prevent certain diseases or catch underlying health conditions early enough before they cause further complications. A primary care physician also acts as a link between the patient and a specialist if there are any referrals.

Primary care plays an essential part in healthcare provision because they offer high-quality care to patients in their locality. Their services are also quite affordable. They are also important because they help to lower the mortality rate.

Primary care serves many functions, but the main one is to provide easy access to medical care, which helps to improve the public's health. Rather than focusing on particular illnesses, organs, or injuries, primary care approaches healthcare holistically.

About North Hills Urgent Clinic

North Hills Urgent Family Clinic is among the best medical care facilities in North Hills, California. You can count on our urgent care clinic for all kinds of medical needs, including prevention, diagnostic tests, treatment, and professional health care management. We always put our patients' health and medical conditions first because we understand the pain that they are undergoing both mentally and physically. We make their stay as comfortable as possible to allow quick and effective recovery.

North Hills Urgent Family Clinic has a wealth of experience, expertise, and professional skills to ensure that patients get the highest level of care without denting their finances. North Hills urgent care does not advocate for patients waiting for long hours to receive adequate health care. Rather than making patients wait in queues for their turns, we inform them that they are up next through a text message. We also use the latest, new, and highly advanced medical equipment when offering prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. With our on-site X-ray machine, we can capture any broken bones, blocked arteries, and much more.

The walk-in urgent care services offered at North Hills urgent care offer all our patients convenience no matter what medical and health care needs they are looking for. Additional care services include physical examinations and other critical tests. If you want to get North Hills primary care or even a COVID-19 test, just type primary care near me in Google's search bar. You will get all the information you require about the kind of service we offer when you visit our official website.


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