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Cost of North Hills Urgent Care Visit With and Without Insurance

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August 30, 2022 | Category : Urgent Care | Author: North Hills Urgent Care

North Hills Urgent Care cost

North Hills Urgent Care is set up to help patients who require convenient health care immediately for minor medical issues, including injuries. North Hills Urgent Care cost with insurance is quite affordable. Patients without health insurance plans may also access medical care services at our urgent care clinic at reasonable costs. All patients visiting North Hills Urgent Care may have to pay between $20 and $100 for regular check-ups. 

The cost of receiving medical attention at North Hills Urgent Care Clinic depends on the kind of insurance coverage. It also depends on if a patient has met the deductible for the year, copay, and coinsurance amount. For patients who don’t have any health insurance coverage, the final bill and out-of-pocket costs will depend on the health care service you have received in our clinic. 

How Much Do You Have to Pay for a North Hills Urgent Care visit?

As a patient, the average cost of accessing health care at North Hills Urgent Care is between $150 and $200. Factors that usually influence the actual cost of medical services include the type of care and where you receive the health care service. Additional costs may be necessary if extra services are required. These include medical lab tests, X-ray imaging, casting broken bones, stitches and splints, as well as medications and injections. Standard pay will decrease based on your valid insurance coverage. 

How Are Costs Determined?

North Hills Urgent Care cost with insurance depends on the kind of treatment you are getting and the kind of health insurance plan. The cost of a visit without insurance in our facility hardly goes beyond $200. The kind of insurance will determine how little you will pay. At North Hills Urgent Care, we accept a wide range of insurance plans, and we offer high-quality urgent medical care, which is easy to access. 

How Much Does North Hills Urgent Care Cost With Insurance?

At our clinic, patients with health insurance pay less. What makes our health care services convenient is that we offer care services during extended times. It is also convenient because we primarily take walk-in appointments. North Hills Urgent Care cost with insurance is determined by the patient’s health insurance details. We accept insurance coverage from providers such as Kaiser, HMOs, PPOs & Medicare. 

North Hills Urgent Care visit cost depends on the various factors that include:

  • If you’ve met your deductible.
  • If the coinsurance is included in your insurance plan. 
  • Whether your urgent care center is out of or in-network.

Reviewing the summary of the benefits of your health insurance plan will help you to know whether our urgent care services are covered or not. 

How Much Does North Hills Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

A visit to North Hills Urgent Care does not cost much. Even if you don’t have any health insurance plan, you can still access affordable health care at North Hills Urgent Care. Our clinic visits cost a minimum of $100 to $150. There are several things that you can do to minimize urgent care visit cost without insurance at North Hills Urgent Care:

  • You can talk to our doctor, explaining to him your financial status based on the health care services you require. If you don’t have a health insurance plan and you intend to pay upfront, you can negotiate the amount you are going to pay. This is possible through low-interest payment plans or income-based discounts on services. 
  • You need to look for a short-term solution if you temporarily lack a health care insurance plan or if your status does not allow you to have a comprehensive health plan. This situation requires a short-term health insurance plan or a medical indemnity that fits your urgent health care needs. You will get access to standard healthcare benefits if you decide to settle for a medical indemnity plan. You will get access to health insurance coverage for a certain period if you choose to go with a short-term health insurance plan. 

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Factors That Influence Your Urgent Care Cost in North Hills

The cost of visiting our North Hills Urgent Care Clinic depends on many factors. What you are going to pay on the next visit is influenced directly by these factors. 

Some of the key factors that determine the cost of urgent care include:

Facility Operation And Equipment: The cost of receiving medical attention at North Hills Urgent Care is often determined by how the facility operates and the equipment used. Our facility has set up the latest and the most advanced health care equipment. This means that the type of diagnosis and treatment you are looking for will determine the cost.

Duration Of Treatment: The time it takes to diagnose and treat the patient may also determine how much you are going to pay. If the medical attention takes longer, you may need to pay more. 

Location of the urgent care clinic: Where the urgent care clinic is located may also influence the cost. However, Urgent Care costs with insurance may fluctuate depending on where the facility is located. 

Why should you visit North Hills Urgent Care?

Many reasons cause patients to prefer seeking medical attention in North Hills Urgent Care Clinic. 

Here are some of them:

  • We offer convenient healthcare services 
  • Scheduling for visits and treatments is also easy. You don’t need to book an appointment; just walk into our health facility to receive medical attention. 
  • North Hills Urgent Care cost with insurance is quite affordable, and that is why many prefer our clinic.

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At North Hills Urgent Care, the patient’s financial well-being is prioritized. We help patients to find suitable health care coverage that meets their medical needs, whether they are looking for a coverage option or whether they already have health care insurance. North Hills Urgent Care cost with insurance is less compared to the patients who don’t have health insurance. Patients without health insurance can reduce the cost of seeking medical care by doing a few things. You can do this by continuously saving money for medical emergencies. This will cater to your medical needs if you don’t have any health insurance plan.

If you have any questions about the North Hills Urgent Care cost with or without insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us at (818) 839-5666 or Schedule an Appointment.


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